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Race Baiter Jesse Jackson Attacks Trump, Claims to SPEAK FOR GOD!

This is a new low, even for a race baiting jackass like Jesse Jackson.

The audacity of this man, who has been involved in decades worth of race baiting and other shady business, to claim to speak FOR GOD HIMSELF is unbelievable.

Now, Jesse Jackson is claiming that President Trump would not be allowed into heaven itself, truly a disgusting and hateful thing to say.

Jackson must have forgotten “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” because he’s certainly got a few sins of his own going against him.
In his rant, Jackson also mentioned the Electoral College, which he says “must come down” and be removed from the election process; basically, so that California and New York can determine the outcome of elections in the United States.

Jesse “The Rev” must have forgotten to take his medicine, in addition to neglecting to read his Scripture, because he seems completely unhinged here.

Watch the video:

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