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Real Leadership: Theresa May Says No to Muslim Headscarf for Saudi Arabia Visit…

There has been a lot of faux feminism in response to Islam (see Canada’s Feminist, Justin Trudeau Visits Mosque. Turns Out It’s a Sexist One… and Video Perfectly Explains Why Hypocrite Feminists Ignore Islam’s Abuse of Women), But as the saying goes, never trust a man to do a woman’s job as UK Prime Minister Theresa May shows us.

Shunning the desert kingdom’s strict Islamic dress code – and in defiance of official UK Foreign Office advice – May met officials and was seen out in public with her hair showing.
A British government spokesman said May had made a ‘personal choice’ and a source travelling with the prime minister said it was intended as a ‘statement’ .
May has made it clear she believes Saudi women deserve greater freedoms. Although they are inching towards some sort of parity with men in certain respects, they are still forbidden from most activities western women take for granted. For instance, Saudi women are banned from driving a car thanks to a religious fatwa imposed by clerics.

Some choose to make a statement wearing a crochet labia on their head. Some wear tampons for earrings. Grown women who are actual feminists (believing women shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens)? They have the lady balls to stand up to a regime that actually oppresses women. One small step for real feminism, one giant slap in the face to the Women’s March and its organizers of hateful she-devils.

Now, some might argue the “When in Rome, do as Ceasar commands you, even if that command violates all you believe in, just shut up and wear the headscarf woman know your place.” To you, I encourage to go off and sexually accost yourself, but not before standing in front of a reflective surface where you must recite what a dumbass you really are. Know thyself.

Theresa May represents a first world nation. She is the most powerful person of that nation and happens to squat in the loo. Islam would see her oppressed, simply because of the anatomy betwixt her legs. May told them to screw off, acting as a symbol for actual feminism for the entire world to see. Third wave feminists whining about “mansplaining” should take note.

Good on you, Theresa May. Cheerio, pip pip, and a few other British sayings.


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