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Remember the $400 Million Ransom to Iran? It’s MUCH Worse

We just received news that the original $400 Million payment for ransom to Iran is much bigger than expected…

Here is what we know:

VIA The Political Insider

If you recall, the Obama administration flew unmarked pallets of foreign currency to Iran at the same time Iran released American hostages that were being held by Tehran.

Obama, of course, insists that the payments and the release of the hostages were just a huge coincidence, because otherwise he would have been breaking the law.

But now, we’re learning that it’s even worse: Obama sent Iran $1.7 BILLION.

The Obama administration disclosed to Congress on Tuesday that it transferred a total of $1.7 billion in cash to Iran around the time American hostages were released this year, about four times the amount originally disclosed to the public, sources told Circa.

The news was delivered by the State, Defense and Treasury Departments in a private briefing to lawmakers who went into the meeting thinking they were learning more detail about the $400 million in payments originally reported in the news media.

Via Circa

This is a typical Obama scheme. First he breaks the law and hides that fact, and after things go from bad to worse, only then he admits that he broke the law.

This man ruined America!!

Source: www.thepoliticalinsider.com

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