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Scandal: Obama Slammed After Twitter User Published This Photo Of Him Midst Houston Disaster

While Tropical Storm Harvey hit Houston, Texas, a Twitter user criticized President Donald Trump’s reaction in comparison to ex-President Barack Obama using an outdated photo.

A user by the name Aiden Benjamin (@Feisal_Hagi) published an image of Obama and his family serving food at a shelter, which he described with the hashtags #HurricaneHarvery and #prayfortexas.

“Something youll never see trump do: Obama is in texas serving meals!” he said in the Aug. 26, 2017 tweet. The tweet got over 14,000 likes and 7,500 shares as of Aug. 28, 2017.

Benjamin published the exact same photo with a comparable caption on Aug. 27 that read “Obama serving food in Houston shelter, somthing trump will NEVER do!”

The picture actually isn’t from Houston nor from 2017. It’s from a homeless shelter in nation’s capital, where Obama and his family served Thanksgiving dinner to homeless veterans on Nov. 25, 2015.

As the following AP clip shows, Obama served turkey while Michelle and their daughters served stuffing, vegetables and cranberry sauce. Benjamin said he was sorry on Aug. 28, 2017.

“I took down the tweet of obama, I apologize to people who thought it was real. also to @callrail I apologize!”

“I took the tweet down it was wrong information sorry if you thought it was real,” Benjamin wrote to PolitiFact.

He had initially released a correction that said, “Sorry for people thinking this was in texas (he was there) but this is from 2015.”


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