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Shock Poll : 60% of Americans Oppose ALL IMMIGRATION

When people are allowed to speak and share their feelings without fear of liberal backlash, it’s shocking to see how they TRULY feel.

That’s the case with two elaborate polls, which were both conducted with the promise of anonymity and no backlash from insane progressives.

The polls were recently uncovered, and hail back to 2010, but they shed a great deal of light on why President Trump was elected only 6 years later.

The survey revealed that 60% of Americans want to halt all immigration.
That’s right…all immigration, legal and illegal.

With native citizens struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis, and barely able to make ends meet as inflation, debt, and taxes have strangled us for decades, many American citizens feel as if bringing more outsiders into the country is an affront to them.

From Breitbart

Roughly sixty percent of surveyed respondents want to stop all legal and illegal immigration, says a pair of sophisticated polls which allowed people to speak their mind without fear of progressives’ hate.

The polls of white Americans also showed that American college graduates are even more opposed to immigration than the average American, flipping the commonplace claim that people with additional years of education are more welcoming of divide-and-rule diversity than are blue-collar Americans.

The little-known 2010 report also showed that almost three-of-four white liberals hide their preference for zero immigration. According to the survey, which was conducted in 2005:

Political liberals are considerably more likely than moderates or conservatives to conceal support for immigration restrictionism. While 26 percent of liberals claim to support cutting off immigration in response to a direct question, 71 percent of liberals [when asked indirectly] support immigration restrictionism.

The second poll was conducted in 2010 and was published in 2014. It showed similar opposition to any and all immigration — plus a greater willingness by employed Americans to reveal their opposition. The second study concluded:

The results suggest that respondents mask their opposition and [that] underlying anti-immigration sentiment is far higher than direct estimates suggest even before the financial crisis… We implore future efforts to measure anti-immigration sentiment to be cautious about direct measurement of opposition, as these measures underestimate anti-immigration sentiment both before and after the financial crisis.

The surveys help explain popular opposition to the establishment-boosted cheap-labor-and-amnesty “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill of 2013, and also help explain the hidden public support for candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Both polls focused on white people because they are cheaper and simpler to survey. Other polls show large but hidden opposition to immigration among African-American and Latino populations, who also share whites’ sympathy for striving migrants.

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