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Starting Tonight Republicans Have Full Control Over 26 States, Democrats Have Only 6

President Obama and his policies decimated the Democrat Party.

It can’t really be emphasized enough. Obama is responsible for Democrats losing over 1,000 seats.

Pretty remarkable that there are people out there who defend his presidency despite that glaring fact.  Those seats wouldn’t be gone if Obama had been a smashing success.

Today, we learned that the Democrat governor of West Virginia is switching to the Republican side of the aisle.


That means that Republicans, who already held more governorships than Democrats thanks to Obama, are now firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to governorships and legislatures.

This map sums it up well…

A lotta red there huh?

From Americans For Tax Reform:

Democrats now only have full control of the legislative and executive branch in six states.

Population of GOP-controlled states: 164,139,104

Population of Dem-controlled states: 50,190,213

Gotta love that.

Now, the question is whether they can make the best of it and actually get this country back on track after the Obama disaster.2-26

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