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This video could get Trump ELECTED if it goes viral

Before anyone accuses us of being Trump bots, let me (Michelle Jesse) remind you up front that we on this site — led by our own Col. Allen West — are not in the tank for anyone. That includes Donald Trump. As Col. West says, we’ll “thump Trump” when he needs it.

That said, we consider one of our primary missions to provide a perspective not available in the lamestream media. Sadly, as incidents like this one at CNN confirm, our nation’s free press is largely no longer free — a situation that puts our very republic at risk.

In this presidential election cycle, the liberal media bias has never been more apparent. Perhaps never has the mainstream media been more openly in the tank for a particular candidate — while so blatantly biased against the other.

You likely could rattle off by memory by now some of the more controversial sound bites from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — those that, especially when taken out of context and/or misquoted (e.g., leaving out the word “illegal” when it comes to Trump’s views on immigration) provide red meat for the Democrat base and give pause to independents and die-hard Republicans alike.

But here is a side of Trump you aren’t seeing in the media since he defied all conventional wisdom and made his meteoric rise to become the GOP presidential nominee. This video posted to Facebook showcasing clips of Donald Trump going back decades. Whether you agree with the candidate on everything or not, one thing that is remarkable is his consistency in commentary — and, first and foremost, his consistent belief in making America great. (Incidentally, it’s also fascinating to see how the media interviewing Trump treat him in these clips — compared to present day. Hmmm…)
Watch the for yourself:

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