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Transgender Woman Shot To Death In Department Store Restroom

Tragedy struck this morning when a 39-year old transgender woman was shot to death in the women’s restroom of Bradford’s Department store in Colorado.

The woman, Donna Wright (born Donald Wright), was shot after an altercation with fellow Bradford’s customer, 55-year old Kathleen Workman in the department store’s restroom.

According to statements issued to authorities by Kathleen Workman, the conflict began when Donna Wright started following Mrs. Workman into the women’s restroom. According to Workman, she had politely asked Ms. Wright to use the proper restroom (referring to the men’s bathroom) and asked her to please stop following her into the women’s restroom.

Though no witnesses were available to corroborate Mrs. Workman’s account of the incident, she told authorities that Ms. Wright became confrontational and combative immediately upon being asked to stop following her into the restroom and to use the ‘proper’ restroom.

According to Mrs. Workman, the transgender woman began raising her voice and using explicit language towards her while continuing to follow her into the restroom. Once both women were inside the otherwise empty restroom, Mrs. Workman told authorities that Ms. Wright continued to curse at her and started to display what Mrs. Workman considered aggressive body language.

Kathleen Workman told authorities that fearing for her safety, she retrieved a handgun from her purse and once again asked Donna Wright to exit the restroom. According to Mrs. Workman, once she retrieved the concealed weapon from her purse it angered Wright and she began walking towards her in an aggressive manner.

According to police reports, it was at this point within the altercation that Kathleen Workman, fearing for her safety, shot Donna Wright 3 times with her Kimber 1911 Ultra .45 caliber handgun striking the assailant in the chest with all 3 shots.

Donna Wright had stopped breathing and was pronounced dead upon arrival of emergency respondents. According to police reports, Kathleen Workman was in fact licensed to carry and conceal the handgun used to shoot Ms. Wright. According to police reports, due to a lack of witnesses and/or security footage, charges have not been brought against Mrs. Workman and the incident is being ruled as a shooting in self-defense pending further investigation.

It was in fact within the transgender woman’s right to utilize the restroom as the Bradford’s management team displays a sign between the women’s and men’s restroom that reads “At Bradford’s we encourage all guests to use the restroom in which they identify with. Thank you, Sincerely, The Bradford’s Management Team.” According to the store manager, senior leadership had requested the sign be created and posted in the restroom area last month after Target announced their new restroom policy.

According to police reports, though the transgender woman was well within her right to use the women’s restroom per the department store’s restroom policy, Mrs. Workman was within her right to utilize her concealed weapon if she was in imminent danger and self-defense was deemed necessary.

Source: http://associatedmediacoverage.com/transgender-woman-shot-to-death-in-department-store-restroom/

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