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Trump Has Brilliant Way to BAN Sharia From America

It is clear to all of us that Sharia law is un-American, and that is something that is never going to change. We don’t want our country to be run by an absurd and dangerous women-disrespecting foreign law.

Trump outlined the “extreme vetting” as a part of his pause on immigration, coming from a few Muslim-majority countries. In essence, President Trump will require new immigrants from the Muslim world not only to renounce terrorism, but to pledge that they have no intentions or desires to enact Sharia Law in the U.S, state reports from Breitbart.

By implementing the loyalty oaths which characterized the Cold War, Trump rightfully acknowledges that today’s War on Terrorism will be a battle between opposing philosophies.

Trump’s “extreme vetting” talk during his campaign sure brought him a lot of enemies, both on the left and on the nominal right as well.

Even Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) put his face in front of the cameras with the goal to spout off nonsense about how much exactly screening procedures are “un-American”.

And despite being deeply involved with pointless wars overseas is just as “un-American” it seems like Senator Graham missed that lesson in social studies.

However, we know that there are far more reasons that just the “un-American” one, for politicians and voters to be so violently opposing President Trump’s common sense immigration plans.

The same liberals, who see any assumption that America is better than any Third World country as racist, are the ones who see Muslims as nothing than potential new voters that can give them a Democratic majority vote in the near future, possibly on the next elections.

Another reason which plays a huge part in the anti-Trump hysteria is the false understanding of history. While it is true that America has a long history of religious tolerance, it is irrefutable that America was firstly founded by English, Scottish and Dutch colonists who were Protestant. The other founding stock of the U.S. included German-speaking colonists from Switzerland and the German states, which were also Protestant as well.

As such, Roman Catholics were facing decades of suspicion and the vast majority of them were inspected for their loyalties. As pointed out by Ann Coulter, if Catholic immigrants had not been assimilated in the Anglo-Protestant order, the U.S. would by now look something like Quebec or even Brazil.

So at the end of the day, we all need to face the harsh truth that not many would like to hear – in order to keep America American and safe, we must restrict immigration only to individuals who love and cherish our ideals, history and purpose, because anything less is just a simply suicide pact.

Source: usanewsflash.com

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