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Trump Supporters Demand GOP Traitors Disavow Antifa

Traitors in the GOP, such as Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Speaker Paul Ryan all threw their support behind the ISIS-like Democrat terror group Antifa.

These idiots were so excited to SLAM President Trump after Charlottesville that they backed up a violent, extremist group that beats people senseless if they don’t agree with their progressive religion.

Antifa, who the lying liberal media, Ryan, Rubio, Romney, and McCain tried to promote as the “good guys” who are “just fighting Nazis,” believe ANYONE who voted for President Trump is a Nazi, and thus deserves to have their head bashed in with a bike lock.

Now, after Nancy Pelosi came out and disavowed Antifa, Trump supporters want to know when these GOP establishment traitors will do the same.


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