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TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Look What Sick Thing Six People Were Arrested In Boston Fo

BREAKING News from Massachusetts shows six people- four of them state Registry of Motor Vehicles clerks- were arrested on Wednesday for helping illegal immigrants get fake IDs- some of which were later used to register to vote in Boston.
Erin Deveney, the registrar of the RMV, put out this statement following their arrest:
“The RMV finds the alleged criminal and fraudulent actions of these individuals to be troubling and intolerable and has also taken immediate steps to suspend the credentials allegedly fraudulently obtained as part of this enterprise.”
This is a HUGE case, and the full details are only just coming to light. There’s a lot to unpack, so here is the breakdown:
  • Evelyn Medina, 56; Annette Gracia, 37; Kimberly Jordan, 33; David Brimage, 46; Bivian Yohanny Brea, 41; and an unidentified man going by “Flako” were arrested on Wednesday for involvement in the fraudulent ID scheme.
  • Medina, Gracia, Jordan and Brimage were RMV employees. According to authorities, Flako and Brea helped their fake ID scheme.
  • Flako, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was identified along with Brea as the document dealers.
  • Brea would use fake documents to register “clients” to vote in Boston. Then, her and her client would bring the fake identification to one of the four RMV workers, who would accept cash for authentic RMV IDs.

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