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Update: 4 Anti-Trump Antifa Thugs Arrested, Face Felony Charges (VIDEO)

Yesterday, big mess broke out in Huffington Beach California, after anti-Trump Antifa thugs physically confronted Trump supporters who came to attend a Pro-Trump rally. However, the police did their job correctly and a total of four leftists thugs are facing felony charges today, after they pepper-sprayed Trump supporters.

As reported, Trump supporters were punched and pepper sprayed. Who can do such a thing? Of course, you know the answer…

It is about time these violent thugs are arrested and charged! Make an example of their behavior! Put every single violent fascist in jail!

Here are some photos of the incident:

Fox News reports: “At least 4 arrested and facing felony charges after several beach brawls break out in Huntington Beach.”

According to Gateway Pundit, Jennifer Sterling is one of the event organizers and she was pepper sprayed by a violent leftist even after she called for a peaceful march. Yes, these vile leftists attacked a peaceful woman. A 64-year-old man was also interviewed and he said that he had never been to a protest or a march in his entire life. He was holding an American flag when a fascist thug punched him in the face for no reason.

This is how the left is acting folks! And they blame the Conservatives as ‘racist bigots’, ‘blind’, ‘idiots’.

Now we know who really they are! They are ignorant, intolerant, horrible persons who still can’t get over the fact that their criminal-candidate lost the election.


Source: usanewsflash.com

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