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WATCH: Trump Made A Move We Haven’t Seen For 8 Years


During his presidency, Barack Obama has never shown respect and affection toward the military. Can you recall on the latte salute, anyone?

Well, after eight years of Obama, a new sheriff came in town—Donald J. Trump. And we hope you noticed that he has a different attitude toward the military.

Nowhere was that more evident than when the president arrived in Yuma, Arizona, on Tuesday prior to his campaign-style rally in Phoenix.

As ABC News report, visiting Marine Air Station Yuma, a Marine Corps base on the U.S.—Mexico border, was a part of the President Trump’s attempt to strengthen border security—including his signature infrastructure project, the border wall. Trump was more than happy when he stepped of Air Force One in Yuma seeing the Marines lined up to greet him, so he greeted them as well, and grabbed their caps and signed them.

U.S. Marine Sgt. Lauren Butler wrote on her Instagram account that “today was the highlight of my Marine Corps career. Thank you, President Trump, for coming to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma today to shake some hands and sign some covers! It was a day I’ll never forget.”

“Meeting President Trump was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had,” Butler told American Military News. “I’ve always been a Trump supporter, so I was extremely excited. But regardless of your political views, shaking hands with the president is extremely humbling and something you’ll never forget.”

Check out the video here:

Unlike Barack Obama, who left our Marines holding umbrellas in the rain, the president Trump proved that he cares about our troops and gives them the respect they deserve. After eight years, that’s a refreshing change.

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