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Well, Well, Well, General Mattis Just Exposed Obama’s LIE to the World

If there’s one thing Obama was good at, it’s LYING.

He’s had a lot of practice.

Remember, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” right?

It appears Obama was just BUSTED in yet another lie.

This time General Mattis outed him, by telling the world there are 11k troops in Afghanistan, not the roughly 8k Obama tried to pass off, to yet again, muddy up any efforts to provide transparency to the American people.

Dana White, Chief Pentagon Spokesperson said, “This way of doing business is over,” adding, “We owe the American people as much transparency as possible.”

From Daily Caller 

The Pentagon revealed Wednesday, at the direction of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, there are approximately 11,000 U.S. service members in Afghanistan.

Prior to the announcement, the Pentagon would only acknowledge approximately 8,400 troops accounted for under force management level orders from the Obama administration.

“This way of doing business is over,” White flatly declared, adding, “We owe the American people as much transparency as possible.”

Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W. White and Joint Staff Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. emphasized the Obama-era policy affected combat readiness in Afghanistan and did not tell the whole truth as to the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan to the American people.

The previous administration’s accounting policies did not disclose the thousands of troops deployed on “temporary status” to support ongoing U.S. and NATO missions. The new accounting procedure will continue to protect “sensitive” missions such as special forces, McKenzie explained. The Obama-era policy also forced commanders to deploy incomplete units to Afghanistan in order to remain under their force management level cap.

Mattis’s decision to reverse the policy is a major rebuke of the Obama administration’s emphasis on troop numbers. The Obama administration capped troop levels in several U.S. military areas of operations and frequently highlighted troop numbers as part of its drawdown strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

White and McKenzie said the Pentagon would also reveal the actual number of forces serving in Iraq and Syria after a thorough review. The number of forces in Afghanistan were likely revealed first in order to expedite decision making on how to implement President Donald Trump’s new South Asia strategy.

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