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What Julian Assange Showed Sean Hannity Last Night Will Finally DESTROY Hillary!

Julian Assange told Sean Hannity on Hannity that he has new documents that will destroy Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Do you remember when Hillary Clinton said that she didn’t know that (C) stands for classified?

Well, it turns out that she did knew what the (C) meant after all. She signed a lot of emails with this letter to demarcate that the email was classified.

VIA Liberty Writers News

God! She is such a liar.

Look what Julian Assange said: “I just want to say one thing, in the FBI report released Friday I agree with your analysis. It is very strange that it was released Friday afternoon on a Labor weekend. I do think it brings up questions to what sort of game the FBI is trying to play. But Hillary Clinton says she can’t remember what a “c” in brackets stands for.Everyone in positions of government and in Wikileaks knows it stands for ‘classified confidential.’”

Now, watch Julian Assange go straight for Hillary’s throat.

“And in fact we have already released thousands of cables by Hillary Clinton. Here she is “Clinton” see, that’s her signature. With a “c” in brackets right there. We have thousands of examples where she, herself has used this “c” in brackets and signed it off. And more than 22,000 times that she has received cables from others with this “c” in brackets.

Let’s all share this video and expose her to the American public. People will finally see that this woman is a criminal, liar and a hypocrite and that she doesn’t care for the American people, unlike Trump.

Source: www.libertywritersnews.com

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