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Wow! Former IC And State Dept. Experts Launch Fascinating Russian Propaganda Tracking Website.


Alliance for Securing Democracy launched “Hamilton 68” a dashboard website that shows what 600 Twitter accounts known to be affiliated with the Russian government are doing to try to shape the conversations we are having in America.

The Hamilton 68 dashboard, launching today as part of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, provides a near real-time look at Russian propaganda and disinformation efforts online. The top of the page shows tweets from official Russian propaganda outlets in English, and a short post discussing the themes of the day. This is Russia’s overt messaging.

But these disinformation networks also include bots and trolls that synchronize to promote Russian messaging themes, including attack campaigns and the spreading of disinformation. Some of these accounts are directly controlled by Russia, others are users who on their own initiative reliably repeat and amplify Russian themes. Our analysis is based on linked 600 Twitter accounts to Russian influence activities online, and the lower section of the dashboard features charts that display topics, hashtags, and links currently promoted by this network.

The dashboard is fascinating. It shows, for example, tweet activity from known Russian propaganda accounts. Notice the massive escalation that started in relation to the G20 Summit and the resulting fallout after Trump’s meetings with Putin.


It also shows leading hashtags being used to push certain subjects to the forefront. I’m amused to see MAGA at the top of the list. Figures.


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